Diane Tomasevich
Bonney Lake, WA
Sitcom Litter
Updated: 8/3/2019
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IABCA Nat'l & Int'l Sr. Puppy Ch Ludico n'Pixc Take A Chance On Me, Sophie, and AKC Ch Peluito's Clowning Around At Court Jester, Fremont, welcomed six healthy puppies between 10:40 pm on July 23rd and 12:58 am on July 24th. She had two girls and 4 boys. I was worried about her last labor repeating itself as it was long and tough. It was a much easier labor this time and she is very proud of her puppies.

The theme for this litter is sitcoms. They are shows I watched as a kid. Can you guess them?
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Vinnie(5.76 oz)
Marlo (5.76 oz) & Fonz (6.72 oz)
Barnie (5.76 oz) & Sam (6.72 oz)
Ellie Mae (6.72 oz)
The puppies were born between 10:40 pm on Sunday, July 23rd and 12:58 am Monday, July 24th, 2017. Marlo (black & white parti), Ellie Mae (gold & cream), Sam (white & cream) and Barnie (white & gold parti) were born on Sunday. Fonz and Vinnie (gold sables) were born early Monday morning. They were all consistent in their weights.

Marlo, 5.76 oz - Ludico Who's That Girl
Ellie Mae, 6.72 oz - Ludico I Gotta Way With Critters
Sam, 6.72 oz - Ludico Give Me A Ring Sometime
Barnie, 5.76 oz - Ludico It's A Dog Eat World
Fonz, 6.72 oz - Ludico Ayyyyy!
Vinnie, 5.76 - Ludico What? Where? Why?
The sitcoms at 9 weeks of age
No problem eaters here! The puppies get 1 raw food meal a day in the morning and then kibble with freeze dried raw with their other meals.
Grandpa Baxter checking out Vinnie
The puppies first day outside!
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