IABCA Int'l Ch Ludico n'Pixc Take A Chance On Me (Sophie) and AKC Ch Huckleberry Pi (Pi), from Horizon Kennels in Idaho, were bred in late May and early June. They welcomed 3 boys and 2 girls on July 31st. 

Sophie and Pi seem to complement each other and I am looking forward to Pi helping to bring our puppies to the next level. He has very nice structure and excellent temperament.

The summer Olympics are held every four years so I decided to take a advantage and use it for my theme for this litter.  I give my puppies temporary names until we determine which family they will be going home with. In keeping with our theme, I chose names of events held during the summer games. 
Diane Tomasevich
Bonney Lake, WA
2016 Summer Olympic Litter
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Meet the Mom - Sophie
Meet the Dad - Pi
"Rio" - Lúdico n’Horizon I’m Making History
Black w/White Markings
Whelped at 11:53 am
5 oz
"Sailor" - Lúdico n’Horizon Bringing Home The Gold
Black & White Parti
Whelped at 12:21 pm
3-5/8 oz
"Rugby" - Lúdico n’Horizon Takin’ Home the Gold
Black & White Parti
Whelped at 1:17 pm
6.5 oz
"Soccer" - Lúdico n’Horizon Eternal Flame,
Whelped at 12:45 pm
6 oz
"Polo" - Lúdico n’Horizon I Reach For Gold
Black & White Parti
Whelped at 12:33 pm
5.7 oz
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We're 1 week old!
The puppies are completely depending on their mom at this age. They respond to her warmth, touch and smell. They are not able to regulate their body heat so it is important that they are kept warm. The puppies have a heating pad in their whelping box set on low and mom primarily keeps them warm.  Their life this week has been eating and sleeping and mom cleaning them to activate elimination. All but Soccer and Rugby doubled their weight this week. They are very close but not quite there. (weight in grams) 

The puppies started their early neurological stimulation exercises this week along with their early scent detection exercises. So far no real surprises. They have been introduced to laundry, perfume and dirt. 
Most of my puppy updates have been on Facebook. You can follow the puppies at https://www.facebook.com/LudicoHavanese.  This should be available to everyone to view even if they don't have a Facebook account.

The puppies are now 7 weeks old. They are eating solid food. They have raw food in the morning and kibble with freeze dried raw on top of it for their remaining meals. This allows new families to continue with either raw or kibble or both.

My goal is for the puppies to meet 100 people by the time they go to their new homes at 12 weeks of age. To date they have had 42 visitors. This has been from toddlers 3 years of age to teenagers to adults, both male and female. The have also been introduced to a number of other things to ensure they are socialized and prepared for their new homes. A wobble board allows them to learn to walk on unstable ground. My Adventure Box allows them to get startled by things like chains, paint brushes, tin cans, plastic tubes and cups and to learn to recuperate and move forward.  I did purchase a Bocu ball but so far they haven't tried it out. I also use the 'rules of 7' to help them. As an example, I want them to be on at least 7 different surfaces, eat off of 7 different items, etc.  So far for surfaces, they have been exposed to hardwood, rubber, carpet, cement, stone, grass, metal grates, gravel and vinyl floors.

Here are some photos of the puppies over the past few weeks.
The puppies are  continuing to grow. All are now over 4 lbs. Within the next week or so they will begin sleeping at night in their crates.

The puppies had their first vaccination and will have their hearing and eyes tested soon. They will also be getting micro-chipped. 

The families now know which puppy they will be getting. Rugby now has a new name, Max. I'm waiting to see what their families will be calling the others.
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