"You have been a dream of a breeder! We are so thankful you chose to breed Mia, and that we found you and Hershey. Your attention to details of breeding plus the weekly posts of photos and videos helped prepare us for adoption day. We know we have a healthy dog who has the best future imaginable because of all you've done."

I got one of your first puppies and you get a 5+. Hershey was so well prepared for me to take over. He rode well in the car, knew how to use the potty pad, and was well socialized so training him was a dream. He's been my service dog for almost seven years, and he is in excellent health and continues to be very playful as well as helpful.
Diane is not only a true professional who is always researching and improving her methods, but loves her dogs without limits. I was always able to call with the silliest questions (yes, puppies do get hiccups!). Her methods produce loving, secure and unquestionably the cutest dogs ever! If we haven't told you enough, I must mention again how amazed and impressed we are with you as a breeder. The more we read and learn about breeders the more we appreciate your dedication as a Havanese breeder. The moms and pups require a tremendous amount of work and attention and we appreciate the great lengths you went to to make sure the puppies were in the best of health.
Braedon, Jana & "Bella"
Ludico n'Pixc I Have A Dream
University Place, WA
Sharon and "Zoey"
Ludico n'Pixc Dancing Queen
Seattle, WA
Vicki, Colin & "Ryder"
Ludico n'Pixc Souper Trouper
San Francisco, CA
Julia and 'Maya'
Ludico I Shall Not Be Moved
Bainbridge Island, WA
Celeste and 'Lady Jane'
Ludico Persuasion
Victoria, BC
Robin and 'Dickens'
Ludico Great Expectations
Whitefish, MT
Caroline, Clara & 'Megan'
Ludico Gone With The Wind
Lacey, WA
Jim, Marilyn and 'Dezzi'
Ludico Wild Nights
Shoreline, WA

Dean, Gail and 'Seuss'
Ludico Oh, The Places You'll Go!
Los Angeles, CA
Karen and "Shasta"
Ludico Ring of Fire
Shoreline, WA
Darren, Jaime and 'Shorty'
Ludico Life Of The Party
San Francisco, CA
Ann and 'Mara'
Ludico Get The Party Started
Ketchum, ID
Debbie and 'Rio'
Ludico River Party At Dade
Yorktown, VA
Al, Sharon, and 'Babe'
Ludico Party All The Time
Sequim, WA
Cheri, Gary and 'Parker'
Ludico Cauldron of Fire
Bigfork, MT
Clara, Caroline & 'Raul'
Raul Ludico Fire Dragon
Lacey, WA
Lucine, Jim & 'Baxter'
Ludico n'Cirrus Sweet Talkin' Guy
Auburn, WA
Jennifer, William, Bryan and 'Havana'
Ludico n'Cirrus Take My Breath Away
Issaquah, WA
Jen, Ken, Jackie, Ava & 'Dory'
Ludico n'Cirrus Betcha By Golly, Wow
Kenmore, WA
Wayne, Sarah & 'Rory'
Ludico n'Cirrus Once In A Lifetime
Rredwood City, CA 
Jen, Nate and 'Levi'
Ludico's Big Time At Hurricane Ridge
Port Angeles, WA
Carolyn, Morrie & 'Hershey'
Ludico's Leap Of Faith
Los Angeles, CA
Diane Tomasevich
Bonney Lake, WA
New Families
Updated: 7/30/2019
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Greg, Valarie & Rocky
Ludico Firelight
Woodinville, WA
Art, Stacey, boys & 'Lindy'
Wysteria & Ludico Magic Carpet Ride
Auburn, WA
Eric, Susan, 'Max' and 'Chloe'
Ludico n'Horizon Bring Home Gold &
Ludico n'Horizon Takin' Home Gold
Edmonds, WA
Nancy and 'Benson'
Ludico n'Horizon
I Reach For Gold
Northridge, CA
Rodel, Erin and 'Domingo'
Ludico n'Horizon
I'm Making History
Spanaway, WA
Justin, Marie and 'Ella'
Ludico n'Horizon Etermal Flame
Seattle, WA
Shorty is the light of my life! Best doggie ever--people always ask us what we did to train her, but the truth is she just has a naturally chill temperament and adorable prancing gait because she was well-bred!
I can't imagine a better breeder than Ludico. Diane loves her dogs and takes every step to verify that they will go to a good home. Ryder, our family member, is the calmest and most loving dog imaginable. He couldn't be happier than at our side.

I think a lot of his personality is a result of the environment that Diane fosters. I couldn't recommend a better breed or breeder!
Rory is the best pupster ever - we love her so much! Wherever we take her, she spreads smiles and laughter by demonstrating her cute and funny ways. And Diane has always been there for us when we have questions.
After looking at many breeders, we selected Diane. I love that she interviewed me. Not just me interviewing her. She does amazing work preparing puppies for new home, including socialization and testing. And I also love that she chooses a puppy for us. That surprises many people. But she knows the puppies better than anyone, and knows which one will fit best in a particular family. Our little Bella is coming up on her 3rd birthday (could that be right?!) and Diane has stayed involved. She is available for questions or just because you want to share a cute story.
We met with several breeders in search of a Havanese for our family. We were nervous as our boys are both allergic to dogs so we needed a breeder who would work with us in the process of ensuring the breed would indeed work for us. Diane was so extraordinarily compassionate and understanding throughout the entire process. In the end, we have a puppy that fits perfectly with our family (no allergic reactions!) and, as I tell everyone, we hit the puppy jackpot! Everything Diane does to prepare her dogs for the families is just extraordinary and for us was quite apparent in the disposition of our puppy and how seamlessly she blended into our family.
Scott, Julia and 'Molly'
Wysteria & Ludico I'm A Rock Star
Puyallup, WA
Joshua & Molly, Scott, Julia & 'Boomer'
Ludico n'Solstice
A Knockout In The Ring
Puyallup, WA
Leroy, Margaret & 'Betty'
Ludico n'Solstice
Take Your Passion Make It Happen
Renton, WA
DeAnna & 'Lucky'
Ludico n'Solstice
Where Amazing Things Happen
Tacoma, WA
Michael, Kelly & 'Bogey'
Ludico n'Solstice
I've Got The Moves
Edgewood, WA
Valerie & 'Widget'
Ludico n'Solstice
Dreaming By The Fire
Woodinville, WA
If you are in search of the best then look no further than Ludico. Diane is not only professional, but she puts her dogs and puppies as a number one priority.  All of her puppies are treated as family, and are cared for just as that. They are bred from the finest, and after birth are socialized, tested for hearing, seeing, heart defects, logged for weight, and introduced to crate training. Diane Truly goes above and beyond and makes sure you are involved every step of the way. She was so kind to allow my family to come and visit all of the puppies almost as often as we would like. While some think it is odd that she chooses the puppy for you it actually works perfectly. While we just got our pup Diane has checked in with us already, and told us she will always be there for any questions or support. Turly a wonderful experience as we have welcomed our new family member.
Jose, Lorena & 'Aki'
Ludico It's A Dog Eat World
Sammamish, WA
Pat & 'Vinnie'
Ludico What? Where? Why?
Maple Valley, WA
Eva & 'Gus'
Ludico Give Me A Ring Sometime
Seattle, WA
Adam, Eve & 'Coco'
Ludico Ayyyyy!
Snoqualmie, WA
Dolly & "Ellie Mae'
Ludico I Gotta Way With Critters
Enumclaw, WA
Marion & 'Tessa'
Ludico Cuchi-Cuchi
Victoria, British Columbia
Jon, Jill & 'Morgan'
Ludico Como la Flor
Kirkland, WA
Dean, Gail & 'Kira'
Ludico My Hips Don't Lie
Long Beach, CA
Charlie, Angie & 'Pip Squeak'
Ludico Shake Your Bon-Bon
Mill Creek, WA
Bob, Dody & 'Milo'
Ludico Refugio de Amor
Polson, Mn
Ruben, Gail & 'Cooper'
Ludico This Is Me
Woodbridge, VA
We love our puppy we got from Diane. He is so happy and confident! I like that Diane cares about her puppies and wants to make sure they will have a good life with their new family. I wouldn’t hesitate to get another puppy from Ludico.
DIane is a great, conscientious breeder who takes time to breed well rounded pups. I couldn't love my Tessa more and find people often note how well socialized and how happy she is.
Diane is the epitome of a dog breeder. The puppies are healthy, happy, socialized and amazing.

Diane does early Neurological Stimulation” exercises. This helps stimulate the puppy at an early age by giving them appropriate stresses for their age. These puppies are high achievers and more active and exploratory than puppies that were not stimulated in the research.

Our puppies, Seuss and Kira are high achievers. Kira successfully tackled our stairs on the first night.

Our first night with both dogs was fun. Diane's training got them ready for new adventures, new people and pets.
Diane is and breeds the best. She takes every precaution to protect the health of her litters throughout the entire process --- from conception to birth to forever homes. Every forever home is vetted and she is always there to help new puppy owners. Can't say enough about her and her wonderful litters. I am blest to be one of the owners of her puppies. Yay Ludico!! --- The best of the best
Awesome breeder who goes above and beyond in ensuring puppies are trained and ready for their new home.
Amazing puppy. Not only smart as can be but it's so comforting knowing she's healthy!
Maryann, her granddaughter & Georgia
Ludico Kstar Cosita
Nanci & Stella
Ludico Kstar Bebe