As a tribute to Mia's final litter, I chose 'Mama Mia' as the theme for for this litter.

Both Mia and Baxter have excellent structure. Baxter's temperament is wonderful and we are hoping that he passes it down to the puppies. We will evaluate them at eight (8) weeks of age.

The music of Abba is fun and the puppies registered names will be based on a song from the musical. We will have to wait and watch the puppies personalities develop before determining what registered names we will give them.

We give our puppies temporary names until we determine which family they will be going home with. In keeping with our theme, we chose names of characters from the musical. 
Baxter the dad
Mia the mom
Red sable girl
Born at 2:31 pm
Weight 5-7/8 oz
Cream and gold boy
Born at 12:13 pm
Weight 6-7/8 oz
Black and white parti girl
Born at 1:14 pm
Weight 6-3/8 oz
Gold girl
Born at 1:34 pm
Weight 6-3/8 oz
Cream and gold boy
Born at 2:13 pm
Weight 5-7/8 oz
Mia whelped five (5) puppies on Friday afternoon, November 29th. She delivered on her due date. After almost 2 hours of hard labor we decided to take her to the vet. Harry was born on Hwy 18. After that, I spoke with her vet and we went home where she delivered the other four (4) puppies. 
Left to Right:

Toby - Ludico n'Pixc Knowing Me Knowing You
Zoey - Ludico n'Pixc Dancing Queen
Sophie - Ludico n'Pixc Take A Chance On Me
Ryder - Ludico n'Pixc Souper Trouper
Bella - Ludico n'Pixc I Have a Dream
Diane Tomasevich
Bonney Lake, WA
1 Week Old
2 Weeks Old
3 Weeks Old
4 Weeks Old
5 Weeks Old
6 Weeks Old
7 Weeks Old
8 Weeks Old
9 Weeks Old
Mama Mia Litter
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