We give our puppies temporary names until we determine which family they will be going home with. In keeping with our theme, we chose names of famous authors. Their registered names represent books that they have written. Authors include Maya Angelou, Jane Austen, Margaret Mitchell, Emily Dickinson, Charles Dickens, and Dr. Suess.

This is the first litter for Shasta and second for Baxter. Baxter's temperament is wonderful and we know he passed that down to his puppies from his litter with Mia. We are hoping that the excellent hips that run through Shasta's sire's line will be inherited with this litter.

Shasta is silk in type and Baxter has the Cuban phenotype we are striving for. We will watch these pupsters grow and evaluate them at eight (8) weeks of age.
Meet The Parents
AKC Ch Pixc n'Seda Soakin Up The Rays, Baxter
Ludico Ring of Fire, "Shasta"
Girl born @ 2:41 am - 6-5/8 oz
Red Sable Irish Pied w/white markings
Ludico I Shall Not Be Moved
Girl born @ 2:55 am - 5-1/4 oz
Black & Tan Irish Pied w/white Markings
Ludico Persuasion
Boy born @ 3:03 am - 6-1/8 oz
Black & Tan w/Tan Points
Ludico Great Expectations
Girl born @ 3:50 am - 6-3/4 oz
Black & Tan w/Tan Points
Ludico Gone With The Wind
Girl born @ 4:14 am - 5-3/8 oz
Black & Tan w/Tan Points
Ludico Wild Nights
Boy born @ 4:56 am - 6-3/4 oz
Red Sable w/white markings
Ludico Oh, The Places You'll Go!
I typically put weekly updates up on our puppies but this litter I had numerous computer problems. I have just replaced my laptop and the puppies have been with their new families for awhile now. As a result, I am only posting pictures that depict their growing from weeks 4 through 10.
1 Week Old
2 Weeks Old
3 Weeks Old
4-10 Weeks Old
Diane Tomasevich
Bonney Lake, WA
Famous Authors Litter
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