Diane Tomasevich
Bonney Lake, WA
Birthday Litter - "Things I Love/Enjoy"
Updated: 8/3/2019
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Cruiser the dad
Sophie the mom
Sophie delivered 4 boys and 1 girl Tuesday evening, January 31, 2017. She was due on February 2nd. She had the longest labor that I have experienced with one of my girls. She started delivering 36 hours from her low temperature drop. My experience has been 12-24 hours from a low temp drop.

The puppies were born on my birthday so I decided the theme would be 'things I love and enjoy'. Many give tribute to my late husband because we used to do a lot of things we loved together.

This is Cruiser's, AKC Ch, CKC Ch, and IABCA Int'l Ch Amor Sol Y Sombra, first litter and Sophie's, IABCA Nat'l & Int'l Sr. Puppy Ch Ludico n'Pixc Take A Chance On Me, second litter.
Meet The Parents
Cream boy on far left is "Mazatlan" Ludico n'Solstice Where Amazing Things Happen. He weighed 7-5/8 oz.

Girl is "Alex" (from Flashdance) Ludico n'Solstice Take Your Passion, Make It Happen. She weighed 8 oz.

Champagne boy in middle is "Jagger" Ludico n'Solstice I Got The Moves. He weighed 8-5/8 oz.

​Cream boy on far right is "Camper" Ludico n'Solstice Dreaming By The Fire. He weighed 8-1/8 oz.

Gold/clear red boy on top is"Honey" (Honey Roy Palmer from Diggsgown) Ludico n'Solstice A Knockout In The Ring. He weighed 6-7/8 oz.
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At 6 weeks of age, the puppies all weigh 3 1/2 lbs with the exception of Mazatlan. He weighs 3.9 lbs. 

They are getting quite active now. They love to be out of their pen.  They have been introduced to a wobble board, teeter-totter, ramp and other assorted toys. One of their favorite things to do is chew on each other.  

The puppies are also being introduced to a number of people. They have had 25 visitors to date. My goal is to introduce them to 100 people. Sometimes I make it, other times I don't but it is very good to have lots of visitors!
Between 6-11 weeks of age, all the puppies continued to gain confidence and are quite active. They love being outside and running and chasing each other. I have to watch out for my plants though so they don't eat something that isn't good for them!  

All the families found out which puppy would be joining them following their 8 week evaluations. All are healthy, active and quite assertive!

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